Oh Fuck – It’s A picture


Posted by admin | Posted in Sexually Retarded Men | Posted on 28-02-2012

I’m sitting her with my video editor when she get’s a text from a guy that had a crush on her in grade school.


Guy: “I have a surprise 4 you”

Girl: “wat?”

Guy: “you cant see it yet”

Girl: “why   wat is it?”

Guy: “you’ll see”

Girl: “wen”

Guy: “in a little bit”

Girl: 🙂

Guy: “I hope you like it”


Out-loud she said, rather loudly “Oh god, I hope it’s not a picture of his penis”




Seriously sextards, they really don’t want a picture of your miserable penis.

My Friends Are All Sexually Retarded


Posted by richardnailder | Posted in Sexually Retarded Men | Posted on 24-11-2010

OK – I’ll admit it – I was fucking stoned when I first decided that the world needed a blog for the sexually retarded but due to short term memory loss, I forgot all about. That was, until my roommate pulled one of his, all-to-oft, sexually retarded acts. Now my roommate isn’t the only sextard I’ve know in my 50 some years on this earth but he has the art of sextardism honed to a fine edge. In this blog, my friends and I will do our best to identify exceptional acts of sextardism but to also, give credit to all the sextards of the world that make it so damn simple  for real men to get laid. In this blog, I’ll be posting stories of the sexually retarded stunts of my roommate and his friends. And in the spirit of fairness, I’ll also be posting some stories of some of the sexually retarded women that I know – yes, women can be sextards too.  So stay tuned and get ready for the sometimes comical, sometimes sad stories of sextards the world over.

Your Friend – Richard Nailder